How our solutions lower your environmental footprint

Viessmann Reference - Meiser Design Hotel

Thanks to highly effective insulation and thermal bridge management, energy efficiency is the main advantage of a Viessmann cold room. Even a market analysis, carried out by TÜV Süd, has proven that compared to the market average, the energy consumption of a Viessmann cold room is 18,1% lower per cold room due to it‘s insulation properties and management of thermal bridges. 

Thermal bridges can be avoided with Viessmann cold and freezer rooms thanks to:

  • High-quality production and accurate design
  • Form-fitting connections
  • Tongue and groove profiles produced very precisely
  • None or just minimal air gaps between joints
  • Wall overlapping

Insulation efficiency improves energy efficiency and reduces your efficiency contribution to global warming.

Refrigerants with low GWP*

We have changed the refrigerants of our refrigerated cabinets to more environmentally friendly ones. For a few years, our new cabinets have been designed for natural refrigerants with a low GWP value, like propane and carbon dioxide.

We are converting our refrigerants and refrigeration units gradually into more sustainable products with lower GWP values. With that we face up to the challenges of the future and the task of launching innovative refrigeration systems using future-proof, sustainable refrigerants. 

*GWP mean Global Warming Potential

Reduction of food waste

Thanks to the hygienic features of our TectoCell cold and freezer rooms like wall overlapping, floor underlapping, fewer joints, and antimicrobial powder coating, we can contribute to reducing food waste. The rooms can be maintained and cleaned easily, and external influences such as dirt, germs, or bacteria cannot survive or influence the quality of stored goods. Hence, product quality and longevity can be preserved. 

Viessmann reference - ICA Kvantum, Sweden

Sustainable energy solutions for fewer emissions in food retail

More than 70% of food retail energy consumed is electricity on the European average. The majority of that, approx. 60%, is used to power the refrigeration equipment in the store.

As food retailers are looking for ways to reduce their CO2 footprint and introduce greener store technologies. To support this target, we have developed solutions for our customers to decrease the energy required for refrigeration equipment significantly.

ESyCool green is a total energy solution that makes heating and refrigeration from only one system possible. The integral sustainable solution consumes up to 15-25% less energy than the latest state-of-the-art systems.

You want to know more about how to combine heating, refrigeration and energy management? Here you will find more interesting benefits of ESyCool green!

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