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At Viessmann, we provide seamless refrigeration solutions over the entire product lifecycle to ensure the best possible system performance. Beyond our efficient and customisable hardware products, Viessman offers a full range of services including planning, installation, service, monitoring and maintenance.

From day one of operations, the Viessmann team will be on-site and at your side to install, start-up and commission the refrigeration systems to ensure faultless functionality. During the lifecycle, our service and maintenance teams provide both a cost-effective and reliable operation over the average hardware lifecycle of 10-15 years. Viessmann’s on-demand services help ensure sustainability as well as dramatically reduce unnecessary energy and waste usage.

Behind the scenes, our service team works closely with our designers, engineers and R&D teams, to continuously improve commercial refrigeration solutions as well as the customer experience. From consulting and engineering support during the customers’ project planning phase to digital monitoring services and predictive maintenance, Viessmann refrigeration services are designed to keep your operation running as smoothly as possible. What’s more, our dedicated Viessmann service team works in partnership with select regional service providers to offer you a continual local presence.

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Service and maintenance

System monitoring, predictive maintenance and on-demand services like reporting avoid downtime while also improving energy, time and cost efficiencies.

At Viessmann, we ensure optimal system performance and support you throughout the entire lifecycle of a refrigeration system. Our extensive and in-depth service offering includes monitoring, training, performance enhancement services, as well as on-demand maintenance and upgrades.

To optimize efficiency and avoid unwanted downtime, our local sales office and network market partners continuously monitor the refrigeration systems and provide regular maintenance and repair service. Any performance degradation alarms are processed immediately, and quick service ensures minimal downtime.

Regular maintenance and operational check-ups are recommended to ensure maximum product lifecycle, energy efficiency and system performance. Digital system monitoring services enable predictive maintenance to be performed at times convenient to your business, in addition to providing reports that fulfil legislative requirements.

Viessmann refrigeration experts provide training for our regional network partners and customers. Installation and maintenance training is primarily conducted out at our factories in Germany and Finland, and complemented by an online library of training materials and animated videos.

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Installation and start-up

Seamless set-up, flawless functionality. Renown for perfectly planned logistics, timely deliveries and world-class service.

Success waits for no one: That’s why we manage every facet of the logistics chain to establish a successful delivery and installation. With Viessmann, we’ll keep the project on schedule, coordinate the installation of refrigeration cabinets and cold rooms with the entire system, and satisfy unloading requirements.

Testing and commissioning is commonly a standard part of the Viessmann project scope. Our technical installation teams and our regional network partners ensure a fast and proper start-up of refrigeration systems and go the extra mile to ensure smooth operation from day one.

Turnkey refrigeration solutions

Customised solutions and turnkey project management for commercial refrigeration services, including customer consultation and engineering support.

Designing and engineering refrigeration solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of sustainability and operational efficiency is a fundamental part of our daily work. Our local Viessmann team works together with our experienced designers and engineers to develop customised solutions to meet your exact specifications. As with every turnkey project we manage, we also help determine the required refrigeration capacity for the respective environment.

Viessmann refrigeration experts also work with large key account customers to develop future concepts with customer-specific solutions. As our customer, you will benefit from the proven industry knowledge of Viessmann's consultants, designers and service teams.

We’d be delighted to discuss our turnkey refrigeration solutions for food retail, food services, convenience and other commercial refrigeration applications. 

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