As a ​family business, we take responsibility

Martin & Max Viessmann

We are a ​family-owned business.

Taking care of our Viessmann family members and our partners is the foundation of our DNA.

The basis for how all Viessmann family members act (on a daily basis) are our company values. Our values help us to drive our strategy and to implement it in our daily life.

Code of conduct

As an employer, business partner and with our diverse social commitment, we assume economic, ecological and social responsibility in everything we do. Since the company was founded in 1917, cooperative and trustworthy conduct towards our business partners has been an essential part of our values.

The code of conduct gives guidelines for cooperation with our employees, with our business partners, the society, the handling of data and reporting and whistle-blowing procedures. Every family members is obliged to follow this.

Our culture

According to our company values within the Viessmann Group, we in the Refrigeration Solutions business area have built and are convinced by our culture as a developmental culture where we continuously learn from our successes and failures.

The developmental culture is a culture promoting creativity, co-creation and entrepreneurship. We take up new ideas rapidly and try to bring them to reality. Our central belief is that we are all lifelong learners and try to think outside the box in every matter. We want to break down barriers and reach for new opportunities to make our end customers lives easier.

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Diversity and Equality

Gender diversity

We encourage and give the same chances to all genders to work with us and join us as a family member. We focus on gender-neutral job announcements and fair opportunities for all eligible applications to be reviewed.

National diversity

We aim to realise a zero-tolerance discrimination policy.

We believe that different cultural backgrounds bring the immense opportunity of gathering people together. More diverse thinking makes it easier to think outside the box.

It will enable us to think beyond our past and present and challenge the current status quo. Diversity is one fundamental aspect of our developmental culture.

How we support our family members

Career and personal development

Our family members are the most valuable good we hold. We need to protect and promote them.

  • This includes the planning of further career moves and identifying individual development plans.
  • We provide training on the job as we believe this is one of the best opportunities to gain as much know-how and experience as possible.
  • We provide our employees with an opportunity for remote work and internal job movement thanks to an internal career page, which is accessible worldwide.

Combination of family and work

  • Viessmann encourages parental leave for both genders, including at management level. We always follow local laws and local labour collective agreements if existing.
  • We use flex time agreements, offer part-time and remote work opportunities to enable the individual best suitable combination of family and work for the well-being of our Viessmann family members.

Health and Safety Policy

Preserving the mental and physical health of our employees is important to us and we have set up a portfolio of actions for our employees health and safety:

  • Occupational healthcare
  • Safety guidelines
  • Company integration management
  • Company agreement for stress protection for older employees
  • Absenteeism management or progressive reintegration after long time illness
  • Health & Safety Managers in our locations
  • Qualification in first aid measures
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