Refrigeration units

Tecto RF WMC4 WMF4


The ready-to-plug-in Viessmann wall-hanging units are inserted into the cold room or on a wall between. The cooling capacity for cold rooms and freezer rooms ranges from 500 to 2765 W.

Ceiling-mounted refrigeration unit


Ceiling-mounted refrigeration units can be installed on the outside of the coldroom ceiling. Except for the coldroom footprint, no additional space is required. These units come in five cooling capacity levels for medium temperatures with cooling capacities ranging from 550 to 2400 W, and is also available in three cooling capacity levels for lower temperatures with cooling capacities ranging from 1000 to 1700 W. 

Split mounted refrigeration units >2kW


Refrigeration units in split design enable uncomplicated handling even with large amounts of waste heat. By separating the evaporator and condensing unit, a wide range of installation options can be implemented on the inside and outside walls of a cold room.