How we reduce our environmental footprint

Viessmann Sustainability - Renewable energy

We set ourselves the goal of reducing energy consumption in our production sites every year. At the same time, we aim at higher energy productivity to leave the smallest CO2 footprint possible on our planet. As part of our integrated management system certified according to ISO 50 001 we have an energy management system in place and regularly observe the consumption data and provide transparent descriptions. 

Energy sources we use

  • 100% green electricity (Green electricity derives from renewable energy sources)
  • 50% of our total energy consumption in our factory in Hof (Germany) purchased by renewable energies
  • Photovoltaic systems on factory roofs where possible
  • Purchase of local heat from bios gas plant next to factory in Hof
Viessmann - CO2 emissions
Viessmann Sustainability - energy consumption graph

CO2 emissions of our factories since 2015 in t

Total energy consumption of our factories in MWh

Viessmann Sustainability - Electricity Graph
Viessmann Sustainability - Water consumption graph

Electricity consumption of our factories in MWh

Water consumption of our factories in m³

Viessmann Sustainability - Renewable energy graph

Share of renewable energies used in our production sites

​How we invest and modernise to act more energy efficient

We continuously check which potential for improvement can be used in our ongoing production. Relevant parameters for this are energy consumption, electricity use, water consumption and the share of renewable energies. 

Savings for the environment during the recent years

in Hof, Germany

  • New compressors for better energy efficiency
  • New powder coating machine with 18% less energy consumption, more than 14t less powder needed, better quality
  • New laser system
  • 90 000 plastic coffee cups can be saved per year in one factory by the replacement with recyclable cups
Viessmann - Painting line in Porvoo factory

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